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Cliff Watcher Project


  1. Create a robot that can move forward, move backward and turn a set number of degrees.
  2. Have the robot detect the contour of the surface that it traverses.
  3. Have the robot detect if it is about to fall of a steep slope (i.e. a cliff).


  1. Program the leJOS robot to be able to move in any given direction. Implement a function that allows the robot to stop and/or change direction if told to do so.
  2. Implement a function that can detect the elevation of the land that the robot traverses, and can issue motor commands based on the readings gained from the sensor that detects the elevation of the land.
  3. Let the robot continue to execute the program until the number of cliffs it is supposed to find is met.

Final Remarks

  1. The ultra-sonic sensor takes 30 milliseconds to issue a ping and read the reflections that are returned from the ping. Take this into account.
  2. Rotation of both motors simultaneously allow for faster turning speeds. The program should not tell one motor to rotate, wait for it to finish, and then tell the other motor to rotate to change the direction of the robot.
  3. If done correctly, this program should not require threading and/or synchronization.
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