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Prequisites for CS180M

Below is a list of concepts in Java that students are expected to have covered (in high school or in CS177) before enrolling in CS180M

  • Creating classes
    Students can create a class, declare member variables, define methods, and use appropriate import statements to solve simple problems.
  • Basic inheritance
    Students can extend existing classes as part of a solution to a problem and understand the use of parent constructors.
  • Selection statements
    Students can use simple and nested if statements and can effectively employ &&, ||, and ! as boolean operators in Java.
  • Loops
    Students can write for and while loops to iterate over a block of code. Students are familiar with the pitfalls of off-by-one errors and infinite loops.
  • Methods
    Students can write methods which take as parameters and return primitive values, objects, arrays, or nothing. Students have a basic understanding of pass by value and pass by reference.
  • Arrays
    Students can create, index into, and resize arrays of primitive values and of objects.
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