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Setup for Custom Android API

  1. Basic idea is to use dynamic class loading.
  2. Current approach still includes class in dex file, so must be built in Android project directory.
  3. Sample Android application: Hello
  4. Sample class loader: LoadIt
  5. Sample student file: MyProject
  6. Next tasks are to:
    1. Rewrite sample code above to improve communication between controlling class and loaded (student) class. Use interface?
    2. Split student source code out from Android project directory. Create .apk file in current (student) directory. Goal is to have shared, read-only Android project directory shared by all students.
    3. Create sample project API that allows simple interaction between student code and Android user. Example might be a simple scrolling text widget for output and a text-based pop-up for input (ala JOptionPane).


  1. Use Tools/External Processes/New External Process feature (Ctrl-Shift-X) to run Ant.
  2. Using New External Process repeatedly within a session allows updates to current configuration without saving/editing (which crashes DrJava in my environment).
  3. External Process console window has “Run Again” button, which simplifies re-launch.
  4. No need for full path name in Windows if ant.bat is in path.
  5. Sample configuration for re-installation of Android application:
    • Command line: ${}ant.bat reinstall
    • Work directory: ${drjava.working.dir}\..
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