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The Multicore Project in Computer Science

The Multicore Project is leveraging multicore technologies to teach concurrent programming to incoming computer science majors at Purdue. This site is largely for internal use to develop course materials for CS180: Problem Solving and Object-Oriented Programming.

Materials developed for previous courses are linked at the left and include an early version of this course taught in the fall of 2008 (CS190M), project materials to use the LEGO robots with Java, and a project based on the Android G1 phone.

A textbook is currently under development: A Gentle Introduction to Concurrent Programming, by Barry Wittman, Aditya Mathur, and Tim Korb. Draft versions of this text have been used in five previous semesters. A new, near final release is being used this fall 2011 semester.

Last summer (2010), three students (John Franklin, Tyler Holzer, and Tyler Wear) worked to develop course materials for use in the fall 2011 offering of this freshman course for CS majors. This summer (2011), John Franklin, James Wilkinson, and Long Zhen are continuing this process.

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